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Feel free to join our Facebook Rush Group in order to get updates and important information about RUSH!

Rush KA!

     We want to first congratulate you on looking into Greek Life at UNC Charlotte. There are many great fraternities on this campus that offer a variety of opportunities to students. We are different from any other fraternity, being that we are an "Order." This means that we do not try to mold new members into what we believe they should be. Instead, we look for specific qualities that a rushee already possess', and we work together on making those qualities more apparent. 

     The brothers of Kappa Alpha Order are known as the "Southern Gentlemen" of the fraternity world. Our Motto, "Dieu Et Les Dames," means "To God and Women." We do our best to live by what our spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee, set forth in the early years of our fraternity. That of having a strong respect for God and Women.
     We encourage you to go into rush with an open mind, giving each fraternity we rushed an equal chance. We truly enjoy the southern heritage of our fraternity. Unlike any other fraternities, Kappa Alpha has a 100% voting rule. That is, everyone in the fraternity has to believe that you would be an excellent addition to our chapter to receive a bid. This is why we rarely have bids turned down. 

     We put a large emphasis on serving our community. We work regularly with Habitat for Humanity, a local soup kitchen, and our national philanthropy the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We strive for academic excellence, and being well above the All-Men's Average GPA is our goal each semester. We are very involved in Intramural Sports. Our fraternity not only works hard, we play hard. Every year, we have mixers with numerous themes. We have our annual Cotton Ball semi-formal in the fall and our annual formal, Old South, in the spring. Old South is usually held in Charleston, SC,  Savannah, GA, or Nags Head, NC.
     The brothers of Kappa Alpha Order cordially invite you to attend any of our scheduled rush events, and we look forward to meeting you.

"If you live the way we pledged to live as members of the Order, you're going to live a good life."
- General Jack Merritt

How to Join?

The best way to get to know us is to come to recruitment (aka rush) events. These events are designed to allow active KA brothers to get to know potential new members. Also, potential new members must also sign up for RUSH at the link above to have they grades run by the Greek Life Office. Potential new members mus have a 2.5 GPA to go through RUSH. Friends are always welcome at recruitment events!

Tell Us You're Interested

One of the best ways to assure that you're considered for a bid from KA is to make sure we know that you're interested in joining. Fill out the rush form on the right side of this page to let us know who you are and a little bit about you. This ensures that we will be able to inform you of all the recruitment events going on.  

Information for Parents

More information about Kappa Alpha Order can be found at the following website. There are so many reasons why your son should "Join KA!"

The Recruitment Process

  1. Receive a bid
  2. A bid is a formal invitation to join KA, and requires a unanimous vote of the entire active chapter. Getting a bid is a true honor because it means that every member wants you to be their brother.

  3. Come to Induction
  4. Induction is the formal acceptance of your bid. It is an open ceremony and anyone can come including friends and family.

  5. Learn about our History
  6. The last step before becoming an initiated member is called New Member Education. During this phase there are weekly meetings that will teach you our history as well as exploring our ideals and what it means to be a member of Kappa Alpha Order.

  7. Become Initiated
  8. Initiation is the final step in the process of becoming a lifetime member of Kappa Alpha Order. We share our ritual with you and you become an active member of the chapter. Once initiated, you are a fully-instated Brother and a KA for life.